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Lucian M. Koncz - Photographer

I'm a Romanian-born photographer and self-portrait artist who found my creative voice in London back in 2014. My photographic journey began with studies in fashion and editorial photography, allowing me to weave narratives through imagery.

In 2020, I embarked on a personal project, "Four A Month," capturing different facets of myself through self-portraits. This endeavor evolved into a self-portrait book in early 2021, sharing my introspective journey.

From 2022, my lens widened its focus to encompass the vibrant world of events and club photography. I discovered a new passion in capturing the energy and spirit of Queer/LGBTQ+ parties, infusing my images with the essence of these joyous gatherings. Every photograph became a story within itself, a vibrant testament to the people and the moments that defined these events.

With every click, I tell stories that bridge emotions, identities, and moments.

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